Why Kansas City Residents Should Consider Going Solar

Renewable energy is the wave of the future. A solar electric system offers wide ranging benefits. Take your first step towards energy independence and do your part to create a more sustainable community. Enjoy leaving your children and grandchildren a world with cleaner air, water and soil. Not only will you help create a greener, more sustainable future, you will be making a solid investment in your future with a substantial, long term return on your investment.

Our team is here to design, install, repair and maintain your solar electric system to ensure you are able to fully embrace all of it’s benefits. No matter what you may need, we will provide you with service that is focused on integrity, experience, and professionalism.

As a Kansas City resident, going solar may provide you with these immediate benefits:

  • Federal tax creditThanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, you may receive 30% of the costs of installing your residential or commercial solar electric system back from the government.
  • Energy benefitsA solar energy system is low maintenance, discreet, silent, durable, convenient, reliable and independent, making it an excellent solution for your home or business’ electrical needs.
  • Utility billsWhile utility rates are always increasing, energy from the sun is cost-free. After your solar electric system is installed, you will benefit from reduced utility bills.

Let Our Solar Energy Experts Help You

Whether you are interested in obtaining energy reliability, security or independence, one thing is certain, a solar electric system can provide it all. Shinnova Solar is here to simplify the solar electric system installation process and provide you with a quality system that you can be proud of. If you would like to learn more about our systems and how installing one could benefit your home or business, call our solar energy experts at (913) 945-1458 today!

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